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2023: A Year of Dedication, Innovation, and Family Values.

Embracing Mobility with a Personal Touch: Our Customized 1995 Ford Aerostar

Last year marked a significant milestone in our journey. We transformed a 1995 Ford Aerostar into a bespoke mobile detailing unit. This personal endeavor involved equipping the van with all necessary tools and supplies, enabling us to offer a range of detailing services anywhere. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to innovative, customer-focused service.

Strengthening Our Digital Presence with a New Website

The launch of was a leap forward in our digital journey, offering an interactive platform for customers to explore our services and connect with us. This expansion into the digital realm is crucial for our ongoing growth and customer engagement.

Expanding Our Online Community and Social Media Footprint

In 2023, we successfully grew our TikTok community and are excited to extend our reach into Facebook and YouTube. These platforms will allow us to connect with more car enthusiasts and share our passion and expertise in detailing.

Collaborating with Local Businesses to Broaden Our Reach

Our partnership with a local dealership has been a key part of our growth, allowing us to diversify our services and cater to a broader audience. This collaboration highlights the trust and reputation we’ve built in the automotive care industry.

A Personal Journey: Balancing Family, Work, and Passion

As a dedicated husband and father of three boys, balancing family life, a full-time job, and running Onyx Mobile Detailing has been both challenging and rewarding. My journey through this balancing act is a testament to my commitment to my family and my passion for detailing.

My ultimate goal is to grow Onyx Mobile Detailing to a point where I can focus solely on this venture. I envision a future where my dedication to the business allows me to spend more quality time with my beautiful wife and our three sons, nurturing our family's dreams together.

2024: A Vision for Growth and Full-time Commitment

Looking ahead, we are focused on expanding our operations and enhancing our services. My dream is to transition into running Onyx Mobile Detailing full-time, leaving my current job to dedicate myself entirely to this passion. This transition is not just about growing the business; it’s about creating a fulfilling life that revolves around my family, my passion for detailing, and contributing to our community.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

We are incredibly thankful for the support of our customers and community. Your trust in our services fuels our motivation and makes our goals achievable. As we step into 2024, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to providing the highest quality of service.

Join us on this exciting journey as we navigate the year ahead. Stay connected with us on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube for the latest updates, tips, and a peek into our world of detailing.

Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2024 from the family at Onyx Mobile Detailing!

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